Handmade Golden Line Damascus Rings


Premium Product: Handmade Damascus Steel Golden Line Ring, Handmade Ring with gift boxes, gift for him/her, birthday gift, jewelry
Item Code DK-2022-70

Handmade Damascus Rings Ring with gift boxes, gift for him/her, birthday gift, jewelry
Item Code DK-2022-70
This is one of those rings that doesn’t even need an introduction, it is so unique and different there’s no other metal like it out there. Damascus Rings
———-Comfort Fit
———-Please write down ring sizes
———-All ring Sizes are available( USA,UK)
—This is one incredible ring, what amazing patterns each ring
— 8mm width ( Width is variable and can be change customer demand)
—–contact us freely and tell the ring sizes that you want.
Origin Pakistan damascus rings

Shipping Information
We use DHL which is fast, safe, traceable and needs your signature on delivery. We pay by weight to DHL for all deliveries.


Who we are?

We Damascus Knives, specialize in crafting knives using the ancient technique known as Damascus steel. Also referred to as pattern-welded Damascus knives steel, this method involves welding together two different types of steel, such as 1095 and 15N20, and then folding them 4-5 times with a hammer (typically). Various patterns can be achieved with this technique, including twist, ladder, raindrops, fire, feather, mosaic, and more. After folding, the steel undergoes acid etching, which brings out the distinct color contrast and patterns on the blade, as the two types of steel etch differently.

Due to its intricate craftsmanship and challenging production process, Damascus knives steel is highly prized and primarily used for crafting custom knives. With over 35 years of experience, we specialize in crafting a wide range of custom Damascus knives, including folding Damascus knives, hunting knives, daggers, swords, hatchets, machetes, kitchen knives, butcher knives, axes, tomahawks, scissors, razors, skinners, chef knives, trackers, fillet knives, bowie knives and more.


Antler, Pine, Rose Wood


Silver, Black


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