Custom Stainless knife With Leather Sheath


Gift Forged Carbon Steel Viking with Rose Wood Shaft, Handmade Viking axe, Tomahawk, Best men gifts, Anniversary gifts, Gift For Him


This Bearded Axe with Unique Engraving is a Custom Made, Hand Forged, very Masculine & Handy item. The Viking Tomahawk is for Real Man of Character and can be easily used as a Woodworker tool, A hunter Hatchet, A Camping Tool or A Battle Axe. Our team strives to make the best Possible Axes based on years of experience using Traditional Blacksmith methods.

The Cutting Edge is hatchet is hand-forged and made of Steel. Our Viking Steel will be an Awesome Unique Gift for Any Special Man.

For the handle material, I used Ash wood. The wood combines strength, flexibility and texture. The wood is selected carefully not for its texture, but also for the location of the wood so that the handle is not only harmoniously looked at but also strong enough.

All steps involved in making this were done solely with care by hand.

Viking Detail.

Head Material: Carbon Steel
Cutting Edge Length: 5” inches
Overall Length: 21” inches
Handle Material: Ash Wood/Rose Wood
Genuine Laminated Sheath Included

I use a method of etching metal in saltwater to put drawing on the so it can’t [21:49, 31/10/2023] Burhan Butt 2: be erased even after 100 Years.

We can make any axe for you in your size and with carving (We can carve runes, names or various patterns). Please contact me to get more information.

Wield it with responsibility, with an honor of a real Viking.

When creating my product. I care much for the quality so the process is quite long for the Custom order. I can reproduce on the blade the symbol, Image, runes, etc. that inspires you most. You can decide what to etch on the blade.

The great thing is that I can personalize the Axe for you. I will consider any of your suggestions in the custom order. Your initials will look great on the blade or first name on the handle.

Please keep in mind that all orders are Handmade in my shop and can take longer than the time suggested. Please let me know upon placing the order if you need it by a specific date and I will do my best to get it there by then


Antler, Pine, Rose Wood


Silver, Black


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