Viking Wolf Berserker Hammer Handmade


Large Viking Wolf Berserker Hammer Hand Engraved Burned and Carved. This piece consists of a repurposed sledge hammer. The head is solid steel, and the handle is hickory.


CURRENT LEAD TIME ON PRODUCTION: Current lead time on production is 1 month.

As these hammers are all hand engraved, carved, stained, finished, and wrapped they will each also be a bit unique. It will not be the same one as in the pic, but it will look very similar. The burn pattern in particular may be different, due to the wood grain and other various factors. The metal grain as well, with have the same general look but because of the forged nature may have some pattern differences.

The Berserkers were warriors of such might and renown that we remember them to this day. Legends abound of their shapeshifting abilities, their singular focus in battle, and their brazen, indomitable fury. This hammer was fashioned for such a warrior, engraved with a depiction of Skoll and Hati, powerful wolves said to consume the sun and moon come Ragnarok. The throat is wrapped in suede strip and cord, and it is similarly wrapped between the etched knotwork that travels the length of the handle.

This piece consists of a repurposed sledge hammer. The head is solid steel, and the handle is hickory. The entire piece is approximately 20 1/2 inches long, 2 inches thick, and 5 1/2 inches wide. It is quite large, weighing in at over 6 lbs.

Here is the modification list-

Undid the finish on both the head and the handle.

Carved the head to give it a hammered texture.

Carved the pommel of the handle to give it texture.

Burned knotwork into each side of the handle.

Engraved a knotted pattern and dual wolves onto each side of the hammer head.

Antiqued the head.

Finished the head with a clear coat to prevent rust.

Finished handle with a clear coat.

Wrapped the throat of the hammer with a brown suede cord and a strip of dark brown suede.

Material notes-

– The handle is American Hickory

– The head is tempered carbon steel.

– These hammers are fully functional, designed to be very strong. That said, use in a work setting may scratch or scuff the finish. This would be a cosmetic issue though, and would not reduce functionality.

This piece is indeed functional as a hammer, though use would certainly mar the finish. It is ideally used as part of a Renaissance faire costume or as a conversation piece, but it is entirely up to you! Please bear in mind, if you mean to carry this particular piece, it is quite heavy!

Thanks for looking!


Antler, Pine, Rose Wood


Silver, Black


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